Hello Friends,

We welcome you to join our journey as we plant roots in an old 1800’s era farmhouse, growing a life that is handmade and homegrown. Our dreams of a simple life farming started growing long before we met one another, but our story explains how a boy from New Hampshire and girl from Virginia found themselves buying an old Maine farm.

This beautiful property that we aptly christened Saint’s Hill Farm in 2016 has a long and rich history that we are continuing to learn about. The beauty of owning such a historically rich property is that there are so many stories and lives interwoven into it’s fabric.

We take great pride in offering a quality selection of meats from our pastures to your table. If you are seeking to purchase beef or pork, please visit the Farmer’s Market .

Thank you for visiting our site and supporting your local farmers.

Paul and Courtney St. Amant